Zayed Award for Human Fraternity Website: Triangle MENA’s latest Milestone

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Abu Dhabi, UAE, July 2021 — This summer, Triangle Mena’s portfolio grew much richer in value and was honoured to be part of a project with high revenues in “humanitarian currency”.
We are proud to announce our latest website: Zayed Award. Our team had the privilege to be part of a platform that accentuates the highest and most noble purpose in life: The celebration of love, solidarity and fraternity around the world thanks to the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity team. 

About The Zayed Award For Human Fraternity

Named in honour of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, who remains a spiritual leader of the United Arab Emirates, the award recognises the humanitarian achievements of individuals or entities from all backgrounds. 

The honorees are passionate people that lead by example, and are driven by their convictions and commitment to help the world move forward in fraternity.

This tribute is a prolongation of Sheikh Zayed’s humanitarian values, compassion, tolerance and innovation, as he was dedicated to working closely with people from all backgrounds to find lasting solutions to the challenges of his time. 

The Zayed award was established in February, 2019, to mark the historic meeting in Abu Dhabi between the head of the Catholic Church His Holiness Pope Francis and Grand Imam of Al Azhar His Eminence Dr Ahmad Al Tayeb, where the Document on Human Fraternity was signed. 

Hosted at the Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi and awarded annually by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, the award includes a financial prize of one million dollars. 

Our contribution

In order to reflect the multiple traits and qualities that stand behind Zayed Award such as nobility, perseveration, worldwide cultural impact armed with a spiritual and humanitarian compass, the website was designed with an elegant, fresh and modern interface that will  provide a sense of peace and beauty to all users. 

Our team at Triangle MENA tended to the creative, and technical development of the website using the most modern tools. Just like Eden’s garden, the site was made with a light and structured touch with visual tools to provide all users with a delightful and clean journey. The  Aesthetics design factor focused on the value and power of the award’s main pillars: love, equality and fraternity, while emphasizing on the award symbol, the Ghaf tree leaf along with a light colour palette.

Structured to provide details about the award’s upcoming ceremonies, honorees and nomination process, along with a smooth guided journey to the history and major pillars and constituents of this unique award,  the website provides its visitors with a clear and comfortable layout, through a simple and user-friendly navigation. 

Always committed to providing its clients with the best services, Triangle MENA will keep assisting the Zayed Award team with all the requested tools to keep their site and mission going forward. For instance, the website was originally created in both Arabic and English. However, and since the language of peace knows no boundaries, more languages might come to life on a digital level  in the upcoming months.

In a nutshell, the Zayed Award website embodies the expression of humanity and highlights the power of goodness in people from all corners of the globe. Hence, it possesses a tremendous value, especially during these troubled times after the Covid-19 repercussions. 

Don’t forget to visit this incredibly heartwarming website and Join the related conversations on social media using the hashtags #ZAHF2021 and #HUMANFRATERNITY to stay updated with the latest humanitarian milestones.