Triangle MENA sets foot in the Esports and Gaming universe

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After setting the anchor in the media, healthcare, corporate, shipping, music and publishing industries, Triangle MENA is proud to achieve a new milestone and sets foot in the Esports and Gaming universe

We are thrilled to announce a new gem in our Lab collection: Abu Dhabi Gaming (AD Gaming) website.

Pioneered by Abu Dhabi’s premier media and entertainment hub Twofour54, and supported by Unity Technologies, Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League, Emirates Esports Association and the Media Zone Authority, this collective and rich cultural titan will enhance the development of regional talent and put out a rich and busy calendar of gaming events to Abu Dhabi. 

AD Gaming website will supply an all inclusive support system for game developers, players, consumers, and businesses in Abu Dhabi, allowing for anyone in the gaming community to be heard and engaged. By being part of the conversation, reading the latest news, browsing a directory for game studios and companies that are based in Abu Dhabi or simply checking out the growing upcoming esports events calendar, along with a dedicated twitch channel showcasing Abu Dhabi’s gaming talent , AD Gaming website is THE one stop shop in the gaming industry, bringing together various organisations to build a gaming and esports ecosystem in the emirate.

The website was announced to the world by Twofour54 at a virtual event on March 17th 2021. 

On one hand, as Abu Dhabi’s premier media and entertainment hub, twofour54 will offer space within the free zone for all businesses that make use of the Media Zone Authority’s gaming, esports and virtual reality (VR) licenses, as well as subsidies for new partner companies. 

On the other hand, Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League and Emirates Esports Association will provide the necessary infrastructure to grow the esports community and businesses in the region. 

In addition to the above, AD Gaming has announced that 15 new gaming and esports businesses will be joining Yas Creative Hub when it opens in Q4 2021, including the Emirates Esports Association, Boss Bunny, Kashkool Games, Khousouf Games and RobocomVR amongst others.

His Excellency Mohamed Al Mubarak, Chairman of twofour54, stated: “The global gaming industry has been growing at an increasing rate over the last few years, and this growth has been accelerated by the pandemic to the extent that global revenues are expected to surpass $200 billion by 2023. AD Gaming will bring the Emirate’s existing gaming industry together under one strategic brand, and will invest in attracting a significant share of the emerging regional’s industry to form an ecosystem that fosters creativity and sustainable growth.”

As for James Hartt, Director, Strategy & Business Development for AD Gaming: “The collaborative approach of AD Gaming will allow Abu Dhabi to capitalize on the gaming industry’s significant economic and cultural opportunity. The initiative will have a long-lasting impact, creating job opportunities for local talent whilst simultaneously developing professionals with the skills that gaming firms need to grow their businesses. We look forward to welcoming more gaming companies to our impressive roster of innovative SMEs and multinationals.”

John Lickrish, CEO of Flash Entertainment, commented: “As the region’s leading entertainment events provider, we are at the forefront of MENA’s rapidly changing entertainment landscape, bringing innovative, unmissable, and unique experiences to fans across the region. We are delighted to be a Strategic Partner of AD Gaming and will be bringing four exciting new esports events to the AD Gaming platform this year as we look to diversify our content offering to our fans and support the launch of AD Gaming into the market.” 

Triangle Mena’s contribution: In order to provide users with a unique and innovative journey that matches the digital cultural gaming bubble, the website was designed with a fresh, appealing and modern interface that will catch the eye of every user with its vibrant palette of colors. In addition, the site’s CMS is backed up with the best tools that will only compliment its advanced level for digital evolution. 

Now, you know where to find your ultimate digital gate that covers everything related to the gaming and esports universe in Abu Dhabi . 

Make sure to check AD Gaming website by clicking here

Warning: By doing so, you will step into a whole new dimension and get transported into an amazing universe.

P.S: What you’re about to see is only a tip of the iceberg as we’re in the first stages of this new digital gaming empire. That’s right, many more interesting features will also be added to this ongoing and promising project. So, <Press Play>, Buckle up and enjoy the ride!