Triangle MENA: Keeping up to speed

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Triangle’s operations manager Jessy Bechara talks specialisation, consolidation and how to survive as a boutique digital creative agency

All disciplines – advertising, media, PR, social media agencies – are vying for clients’ digital business. How are you dealing with such varied competition?

Digital offerings are vast and scattered in the market. The decision within Triangle was to set us apart from the competition through a holistic approach. We coupled services with products that are designed to help clients grow at the speed of light. We build journeys and develop strategies that end with our client directly communicating with their target customers.

Whereas specialisation was the fashion, now consolidation is, with agencies folding all disciplines into a single mother agency. How do you view this development?

We seek to always answer to growing trends within the market and the needs within the digital sector and have thus designed our operations with continual improvement and up-to-date initiatives. Nowadays, clients seek one-stop-shop agencies that can perform all their needs under one roof.

How can you ensure that clients continue to give business to specialised, boutique digital agencies such as yourselves?

By providing our clients with professional skills and expertise in the digital marketing industry and access to digital marketing tools. We must also help them grow their business online, which is very cost effective with measurable results, and keep them abreast of new and up-to-date ideas related to their industry. In addition, Triangle is always seeking self-development and self-improvement in the industry.

As digital increases in importance in the region, how would you like to see the agency ecosystem develop?

Triangle is aiming to be a modern day digital agency by helping our clients identify what they should do, not what they could do or what they think it’s right to do. Being able to help them understand where they should focus by truly understanding their business challenges and competition is what will make us succeed in our mission. In addition, we are offering cross-functional teams that are up-to-speed with the requirements of 21st century marketing.

What is the biggest challenge that you face?

Budgets that are allocated by clients to perform a digital task are still below the cost of performing it. This creates a big challenge for agencies to maintain a high quality service.

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