Abu Dhabi
A new way of thinking
Life/work balance
The need for a work-life balance has grown in recent years as a result of complex demographic, labor, and cultural changes in our society. Recent research undertaken by IE Business School confirms the hypothesis that work-life balance measures have a positive impact on the productivity of companies. Our aim is to encourage the work-life balance via schedule flexibility, team-building exercises, short breaks throughout the day, unpaid time off for life events. We like to keep our team’s energy always high by encouraging vacations and offering community engagement opportunities.
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Team building exercices
  • Encourage vacations
  • Short breaks via the day
  • Community engagement
  • Unpaid time off for life events
Sharing Knowledge
Embracing a knowledge-sharing culture helps both Triangle organization and employees grow and succeed together. Knowledge sharing is the easy passing of information for the greater good of our company. Knowledge isn’t siloed but is instead available to everyone, no matter what their role in the organization is. We at Triangle think of knowledge as the currency that makes our internal organization more valuable when it is exchanged freely
  • Grow together
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Exchange freely
  • Learn and teach
Smart workflow
Nowadays, working smart is way better than working hard. We at Triangle have implemented a smart and effective workflow based on our past experiences and failures, for modeling and management of complex interacting daily processes. The results of this workflow are illustrated in terms of support response, project deliveries, project planning, and last but not least, employee task management.
  • Work smart not hard
  • Tasks Management tools
  • Communication tools
  • External Survey tool
Results orientation
We at Triangle have developed a work culture that is geared towards achieving results rather than just putting in the time. We allow our employees to work as they see fit. Their job is to complete the work assigned to them & achieve the goals in a specific time-frame. How they do it, when they do it...is up to them. They will only be assessed on their performance based on the results.
  • Achieving Results
  • Complete assignments
  • Achieve Goals
  • Assess performance
Happiness is one of the most important key factors to success at Triangle. Thus, we worked hard to create an environment that keeps our team happy. How? By creating a purpose-driven workforce, encouraging engagement, and unleashing positive energizers who rely on resilience, friendship, and kindness.