Remote working through the eyes of employees

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Remote work is becoming one of the most tempting benefits an employer can offer. Having the benefit of choosing your workspace and ditching the killer routine that office life can cause is a motivation by itself. According to this study, this motivation is so tempting to the point where many employees are willing to drop their vacations, raises, and even retirement plans for the chance to work remotely. 

But the list of benefits for employees does not stop here. Check out the below list that resulted from our research. The list here will tell you what you can gain from remote working as an employee. 

You will have a healthy work-life balance

With remote work comes flexibility. Whether this flexibility extends to your workspace or schedule, it will definitely help you attend to the needs of your personal life in ways you could have never done if you were working at an office. The list is endless: you can drop your kids at school, run errands on your break, start your day with a healthy sport routine instead of wasting time commuting and getting stuck in traffic etc. 

In other words, you will reduce stress by a lot while being in full control of your time! 

You get to save money

How exactly? Well, apart from reducing stress, remote working happens to be your wallet’s best friend. When you stop going every day to the office, you get to save cost you used to spend on:

  • Gaz and car maintenance
  • Monthly parking subscriptions
  • Transportation fees in case you don’t have a car
  • Food delivery: when you’re not at home, you don’t always have the time to prepare your feed for the next day, so you always end up ordering food at the office or sharing desserts with your colleagues. – The dessert part can require a budget by itself if you happen to have a sweet tooth like us – 
  • This one is mostly for the ladies: SHOPPING. Having to change outfits and shoes and bags from Monday to Friday every week can be a bit extensive, especially when you have big client meetings. On that note: Sweatpants, we love you! 

With all of the above, you can use the saved budget to make your piggy bank heavier and save your pennies for a rainy day, or add it to your next vacation budget 😀
After all, a trip to the Maldives never hurt anyone. 

You can have the office of your dreams

Ever been in an office situation where you said: I don’t like this chair, or I feel like working on the couch? One of the major benefits of remote working is that you can have your own customized private working space just for yourself, with a small bonus: this office can be wherever you want it to be. In your room, living room, hotel room or your favorite cafe. With this amazing advantage, you can control every aspect of your well being 😉 

You will be more creative and more productive

Working remotely gives you the privilege of working without the typical office distractions: less noise, less pre and post meetings conversations, and a personal favorite: unnecessary colleagues chit chat which, we have to admit, can go on forever and delay you from whatever you wanted to do.

When you’re free from all these distractions, you will be able to focus on what really matters and boost your performance and productivity. After trying it for a while, you might even amaze yourself with your capabilities!

Triangle Mena’s story

Did you think we were going to keep this article like any other formal and typical article? Definitely not.
Our digital casa es su casa as well. We’ll let you in our family circle and share with you our own experience with remote working too. The good and the bad, it’s all there: Here are the “unfiltered” testimonials of a few colleagues in Triangle Mena:

“Although there is a risk of working overtime, combined with a lack of personal contact with the team which could make me talk to a wall sometimes, I have the freedom to work from any country, along with the advantage of staying in my pyjamas when it’s cold. My time is more flexible so i get to create a balance between my personal things to do and my work during the day. I also get to save a ton of money since the food and clothes expenses are way less needed.” – Jessy.

“On one hand, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere as long as you have internet access, and the luxury of having a cost customized work setup: you can work from your bed or even get a fancy desk. With no daily commute your time becomes more flexible, but this might affect your work/life balance. On the author hand, there are more external distractions to deal with, your social life diminishes, and you start missing the office interactions.” – Jean.

“Perks of working remotely: My workplace can be literally anywhere: in the comfort of my warm bed on a rainy day, or from a bungalow on the beach on a sunny day. I like my mornings very calm so I’m really enjoying sipping  my cup of tea in peace before human interaction. I don’t have to be standing up in my stand up meetings, I could be actually still in bed (It’s not the case, I’m just saying I could…). I can play my favorite music out loud and not worry about bothering anyone. On long zoom calls I can be doing my stretching workout while having my camera off. After a sleepless night, I can enjoy a nap on my lunch break, and then have a sandwich for lunch while working. I avoid the trouble of getting stuck in a traffic jam, save gas, money and CO2 emissions. I get to spend time with my pets, the best work buddies. 

I also get to spend more time with the family at home, even though it comes with a price, such as:

  • My dad always asking questions about my designs and offering actual help (lol), Oh and constantly asking me to fix my posture. 
  • My mom coming in and out of the room for laundry, cleaning, or just to remind me that she cooked “Mloukhiye” for me without chicken. 
  • My brother and sister nagging about the slow internet and interluding with each other’s work calls. 

In general, working from home usually leads to fewer interruptions, less office politics, a quieter noise level, and less (or more efficient) meetings which leads to increased productivity.” – Samer.

“As a working mom, I found that working remotely saved lots of time (no traffic, no dress up hassle, make up…), so this allowed me to have more quality time in the morning and on my lunch break with my child. As for the work efficiency, being in a comfortable environment (Pj/bed/desk/living room) helped my work become easier and more productive. The downturns would be: having less social life, missing the office and the privacy in MY OFFICE, and the need to change diapers or answer to “MAMIII” while working. One more disadvantage lies in the fact that I’m always convincing relatives and family that I really have work, and that I’m not on vacation -.- ” – Chantal.

Just a quick warning before you read the next testimonial: keep in mind that we are still very sane,  and that we love life. Promise! But this is a free country and we want all voices to be heard 😀 

“You will speak to yourself more often, and hear voices in your head…. But this is normal I guess? You will gain or lose Weight for sure, like BIG TIME. After a long period of working from home you will lose contact from the outside world and lose track of time mmm… i’ll stop at this for now” – Jad.

“With remote working, you can have it all! Stay warm in your bed on a rainy day, or – this one is for the ladies –  remain at bay on a bad hair day 😉 And that’s not all. I hadn’t seen my sister who lives in Paris since forever. Normally, I would be counting my annual leaves to be able to visit for a couple of days. Instead, I got to stay with her for 3 full months, and enjoy a change of scenery as well, all while I was still able to manage my duties from the magical city of Paris… I couldn’t ask for more! <3 The only downside is that I really miss seeing my colleagues, but that’s not a thing that can’t be solved. Who wouldn’t mind a monthly dinner with his co-workers talking about stuff that does not involve work for a change every once in a while? And this can be easily managed. ”Maya.

Moment of truth

Now that we shared our personal opinions to the world, we ask you not to judge -.- 

Kidding, We really hope that the above info sling with the intimate “seance” with our staff was helpful to you, in case you are considering switching to remote working and wish to balance the scales.  

On that note, we promise to always provide you with the trendiest fresh topics in today’s market, with a large pinch of honesty and accuracy.

So make sure you don’t miss out on anything and stay updated with our latest insights. Don’t be a stranger, visit our blog and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.