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E-XAGON is a content management system for publishing web content built by Triangle over the years over WordPress web framework. E-XAGON is one of the most advanced CMSs in the region with powerful capabilities integrated. It is user friendly, multilingual, responsive, search engine optimized, connect to most advanced VOD platforms, social media integration, web and app push notifications, newsletters, and so much more!
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In an era where data collection is a crucial part of business development, it is important for those businesses to have an easy and efficient way of collecting information. TriCustomer was developed with just that in mind. It helps service providing businesses collect data and feedback from their customers, and analyze it on the Tricustomer dashboard. This helps businesses better understand, and serve their clients. TriCustomer dashboard was developed to be user friendly. Business owners can easily comprehend the data collected via colorful pie, and bar charts.
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Tri-cards, is a new type of Greeting Cards available on the market. It’s funny, creative and cool. The cards range from Birthday, to Romance, all the way to Travel... Our mission is to make people smile and laugh. How? By being naughty, creative and funny with the content of our cards.
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