Does remote working benefit employers?

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As we all know, the main pillars of any modern business are the people behind it, whether they are employers or employees. 

You might think that remote working might be tempting to employees only? 

Well, the below list will make you think again and seriously reconsider this transition. 

Dear Employers, this is specifically for your eyes to read.
We know that you are already busy with a ton of things to plan and manage, so we’re going to keep this clean and simple.

Here is a short preview of the benefits that you will have when you switch to working remotely:

Remote working saves you money

Having employees in an office is far from profitable. With every addition to your team, you’ll need a larger place, along with  more stationery and equipment. 

Of course, let’s not forget the rent, electricity and phone bills that come with the whole package. By having remote workers, you get to be free from all these costs, and use the savings that will add up in a more efficient way. For example, you can give a boost to your team by giving them bonuses; you can also increase your chances in hiring the most qualified talents etc…

That’s not all. Recent surveys state that 37% of millennials are willing to take a pay cut if they can have flexible work hours. This, dear employers, can be the cherry on top to your list of savings as well.

Remote working enhances productivity

There is a common misconception that a face to face team at the office entails commitment and discipline, which allows the staff to be more productive. Well, things simply don’t work this way.  Everyone feels more comfortable in their home environment. Productivity requires focus, which you can barely find in an office environment due to many distractions and interruptions. The small chats with co-workers, the loud colleagues, the small meetings and visitors that aren’t always related to the employee will only slow down their productivity. Remote working is free from all these distractions and is definitely a safer nest for productivity.

As an example, this recent study from TinyPulse on employee engagement proves that 91% of employees confirm that they get more work done outside of the office, along with many other details.

You get to create your alpha team

With digital transformation today, finding the talent you need for your team is no longer limited by geography. Distance is no longer an obstacle to collaboration, thanks to technologies that allow instant communication across country borders. If you can work from any corner in the world, you could also gather employees from literally anywhere and select the top people for each position. That’s one of the beauties of remote working: nothing limits it in terms of location. Miles and borders will no longer stand between you and your skilled dream team.
This is definitely a major target when it comes to any employer’s goals.

Your staff will be happier and more engaged

When you give your staff the privilege and flexibility to choose where to work, they will automatically feel appreciated and trusted, especially since you show that you care for their well being and by that, you grant them autonomy. This autonomy boost will make employees feel like partners who have more liberty to manage their work life instead of having to prove their presence by going to a 9 to 5 desk job in an office. The fact that you can travel the globe while being able to sustain a steady job can have a tremendous impact on a person’s loyalty and engagement towards their company. They wouldn’t have to worry about their families or spend time stuck in traffic to get to work or any other issue for that matter. Instead, they will feel closer to the company’s mission instead of having a robotic job. In short, happier employees are more productive and creative which will lead to happier clients. 

What better way to break the stiff barrier between employers and employees and create the perfect workspace environment?

Triangle Mena’s testimonial 

It is well known that digital agencies are at the center of the digital transformation wave, so they were the first to embrace remote working and became, in a way, its brand ambassadors. 

Agile work can improve a company’s positioning and culture.This happens to be the case of Triangle Mena who is living proof of the wonders that workforce agility can create.  

We saved dessert for last and now, we’d like to share with you our own experience on remote work. Although it was challenging to handle the wheels of this transition at first, the switch to remote working turned out to be our  biggest success story. 😀 

With the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, and thanks to our research team who are always one step ahead for any challenge, we chose to test the waters and start working remotely. Our two main priorities were the main reason behind this decision: the health and well being of our team and the business continuity of our clients to whom we provide 24hour service and support.
As a result, we made modifications to our entire “kitchen infrastructure” and began to analyse the challenges and benefits of this step from all angles, even before the virus had spread.

We can’t say it was all cupcakes and butterflies at first, as we did a lot of research and required a very swift adaptation. But, we definitely rocked it.

Working remotely allowed us to become a decentralized company with a team able to work from every continent, and freed us from being tied to a single location. Thanks to this approach, we are now able to gather talents from every corner of the world. However, we cannot deny that we really miss having a personal relationship with our staff which can only grow with physical presence, regular outings, events and gatherings. This was the only downturn that we experienced with remote working. But overall, we can safely confirm that the advantages are definitely worth it, especially in the current turn of events” – Nadim Bou Yazbeck, CEO at Triangle Mena

At the end of the day…

One thing is for sure, Triangle Mena is always willing to face any obstacle, no matter how challenging it gets, and go the extra mile before anyone else to preserve its team and clients.
Failure and Surrender never crossed our dictionary. Agile work is the essence of our practices.

So, if you’re looking for a night’s watch for your business, or if you simply  wish to stay in touch with the latest digital topics in the market, check out our website every once in a while. We’d love to have browsing our treasure island 😀