This is how Triangle Mena is handling digital marketing

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Started in 2012, Triangle Mena is one of the rising digital agencies in Lebanon. Its recent work includes two digital products for the newly launched Saudi Broadcasting Authority.

We sat down with Nadim Bou Yazbeck, founder and managing director of the agency, to learn more about the story of Triangle Mena and the industry it operates in.

Tell us the story of Triangle

It was a crazy start up! I quit my job to start Triangle as a new project, and at first we handled freelance projects to initiate the company. In 2012, we made that happen with two people and without an office. We created this crazy strategy where we offered our services to well known brands for free for about three or four months to build an impressive portfolio.

After one year, we had a shared office with another start-up company. At that time, word of mouth helped the growth of Triangle. In 2015, we moved into a separate office and we presented a pitch to Rotana for its digital channels.  During the same year, we launched Rotana’s website for video-on-demand and online content.

Rotana was the game changer for Triangle. Financially, it allowed us to expand and develop our team. Strategically, we developed our client-serving department to handle such a big account. Hierarchy and operation reached an impressive level of maturity alongside our branding and positioning. In a short period of time, we positioned our brand as a major agency that is not similar to any other major agency in this field and not a startup project as well. It may seem like a hasty and weird positioning strategy, but it is what got Triangle here.

Today we don’t compete with the major agencies, or the small startups. We have positioned Triangle as an agency that can provide the same services offered by the major agencies but at less cost.

We expanded to broadcasters and TVs in the GCC market after Lebanon through our 360 degree services, from web/ app creation, Video On Demand, live streaming and hosting services.

Where do you see Triangle’s position in the future?

Our strategy is to offer a one stop shop and up-to date services for our clients. Nowadays, clients prefer to have all their work done through one agency. Thus, we are always working on setting up all needed departments that can serve the clients’ needs. We are now able to build brands, platforms, products, and experiences that help businesses succeed, by empowering their digital presence.

What are the services offered by Triangle?

We offer full digital services from A to Z. We create digital marketing strategies, execute web and app platforms, in addition to the branding and Digital marketing and advertising. We offer video on demand and live streaming services, in addition to several digital solutions.

What’s your opinion on the digital marketing scene in Lebanon?

The scene is diverse. We have the good and the bad. Unfortunately, clients who don’t have the knowledge go for the inexperienced individuals who offer low prices and “hit and run” services. The digital marketing scene in Lebanon is cluttered and unorganized. Therefore, betting on competition in such an atmosphere is a craziness!

What are the challenges you face in such chaos?

Clients who lack the knowledge are the most challenging. Those clients need to be convinced and integrated in the digital journey we’re offering. Clients need to know the value in return of their budgets. So, clients have to trust us by understanding the detailed scope of our work. This approach helps them monitor our work.

How far along are we in measurement and data?

Locally, we are far from what is happening in Europe/ US in terms of data measurement. First, agencies don’t go through these details related to monitoring and reporting due to squeezed clients’ budgets. Second, unfortunately, a big chunk of local clients cares about direct ROI rather than building a long term digital strategy based on data science and analysis. We are keen that tracking further insights might not be appealing for most of the clients, but its definitely the key for any successful digital planning and execution.

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