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Is photography essential in social media?

While social networking does indeed have an effect on the youth of today, the photography that is involved with social networking plays an even bigger role in how the youth is affected.
what would Facebook be without profile pictures and photo albums in addition to the comment section? How would a user get the much needed self esteem boost from a friendly compliment on a recently uploaded picture?

Social media has become an important asset of a human’s life, and it has been upgrading day by day. Users satisfy themselves by using social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others… It actually becomes a basic need for them. Their life now depends on social media to interact with each other.
Some people argue that advancement of social media threatens the life of the users because they are electronically ADDICTED generation towards everything related to social media.
Users in this day and age no longer live in a world of handwritten notes. They are living social lives on a completely public forum. With technology advancing, photography has had a significant impact on the social lives of today’s users.

With this marvelous invention, the art of photography has grown specially on social networking sites that are guaranteed to have millions of visitors daily. By selecting an appealing picture to a particular audience with a brief description or caption on how that photo relates to their product or services and how the reader could benefit from this.
How the picture is displayed is essential to the overall benefit of advertisement so it is necessary that a good photographer can make sure the photo is as attractive as possible.
Clearly picture advertisements are needed on social networking sites to keep the sites funded while selling a product to keep the business funded.

Multiple social media networking sites use photography and photo editing as their main purpose. The users of these sites are allowed to judge the other users photos by liking or writing their own opinions on the pictures by leaving a comment on it, or it can make them dislike the product because of the first impression.

To sum up, Photography in social media is very important and its effect on the youth is much larger than what most people realize.

– Krystel Aoun