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An open letter to my Dearest Nabil Harfoush


I began noticing your overly Photoshopped mug all over town maybe about a month ago. The sign read something along the lines of “Nabil Harfoush: Ya Albi” along with the name of the poor soul who had to write the song for you. I won’t be cruel, your song was not really my taste, but it may have satisfied the musical appetites of a small group that live let’s say…wara l jabal.

Never has Lebanese pop music looked so good.

Never has Lebanese pop music looked so good.

After seeing a hilarious internet meme about you, my coworkers immediately browed the wide, wide web, and arrived at your YouTube channel, where we got to listen to such hits as “Dali D7aki” (a ridiculous song that I’m going to assume you wrote to your Mommy).  We had a good laugh about the obviously SUPER staged clapping and laughing that your fake audience was participating in. ( I say fake audience because 1. It’s a music video, and 2. Nobody in their right mind would actually listen to you sing that song).

Now, although your music did render me partially deaf for the rest of the week, what I truly found offensive was the visual abuse you presented in the form of your billboards.

As a designer, there are a couple of small design mistake that I tend to overlook when it comes to advertising billboards in Lebanon, such as something being something being slightly off of alignment etc. But your billboard was in a league of its own. Not only was the font outdated, but there was absolutely no sense of hierarchy, spacing, or design aesthetic. Besides all that, no human being on earth should have to have THAT much Photoshop done to his or her face. Your face and “real” mustached haunted my dreams for weeks. Less is more bro, less is more.

Maybe had you spent less money on quantity of billboards, you could have spend more money of the quality of your billboards. I don’t want to jump to assumptions, but maybe you just seriously have no taste, in which case you should ask for your money back and get help immediately.

Spending money on good design is always a good idea. Had your billboards been more visually appealing, maybe less people would have laughed you off, and more people would have actually bought your CD, or should I say cassette tape? Which one is it?

I hope you, and whoever is reading this letter has learned a lesson. Good design= a good image, and a good image= Money.

-Maha El Khoury


Note: This article does not represent the views and opinions of Triangle Mena. It is a personal piece written for the purpose of the blog.