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Our past work, long digital experience and constant learning attitude has set us apart from other web design, development and online marketing companies. Triangle Mena has a diverse enough team of web designers, developers and internet marketers to cater to all kinds of web solutions, you may need.

Triangle Mena is more than a web design company. We create impactful designs, craft elegant user experiences, produce interactive marketing campaigns with measurable results, and build web applications that work seamlessly.

If you are looking to take your brand to the next level in a world where Internet has grown to become omnipresent, we invite you to contact us for we believe that you will never regret making business with us.

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Nadim Bou Yazbeck

Managing Director
Nadim is the captain of the Triangle ship. He started this company from the ground up, always keeping in mind that a leader must have the courage to act against an expert's advice, and this philosophy has worked marvelously so far. He tries everyday to keep his nose out of his employees business/ work, but somehow he always ends up looking over their shoulders and nit picking the small details, but that doesn't bother them much.

Chantal Aoun

Account manager
Chantal is Triangle's account manager, probably the most socially involved job we have. She handles all the follow up, and any problems that may come up with our many clients...Or you could say, she does our dirty laundry. The last thing a client wants to do is get in deep with Chantal, because she always wins.

Maha El-Khoury

Art Director
After completing her degree in Graphic Design from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Maha made the bolf move to Lebanon to pursue her career. After dipping her feet in the Lebanese job pool, she finally ended up with us at Triangle, working as our UI/UX Designer.

Maria Eid

Digital Designer
Even though she's afraid of the dark, ghosts, and every other super natural being you can think of. Maria is every guy's dream Girlfriend: she enjoys heavy metal songs, plays video games (Yeah even counter strike), adores dogs, and can design your perfect tattoo.

If she hasn't answered her phone in over an hour, she's either painting her next masterpiece or was kidnapped by the same ghosts she swears are living in our office.

Maroun Melhem

Lead Developer
Maroun is known as an android fanboy, a coding freak, a technology noob, probably all the things that keep his parents scared and his girlfriend lost.

Besides, he has the ability to let you do whatever he wants using one “sudo” command ( we still didn't get it).

Chantal Mokbel

Web Developer
Chantal has serious plans on invading the web development community and setting her own rules of how protocols and syntaxes should be applied ( mostly inspired by rainbows, dresses, accessories that could make any code looks good). One of her most repeated statement:
"A website is never done."

Jean El Khoury

Junior Web developer
Jean handles the guitar strings like he's stringing up some Java. When he's not busy with the scouts, he's messing with his android until it's pretty much unusable.

Jean doesn’t care about eating healthy, Jean eats pizza everyday, Jean is smart, be like jean.

Marc Bou Sleiman

Junior Web Developer
Mark is "That Guy" at the office; when he’s not hitting the gym with a big mac in one hand and a DIET pepsi in the other, he’s working on his development skills.
He’s often anxious about his job and has a famous saying:

“Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right, if everything did you’d be out of job”

Krystel Aoun

Community Manager
Krystel is Triangle's Community Manager and office mom. She graduated from NDU in Zouk with a degree in Communication Arts. Whether she's scheduling posts for Triangle's clients, or scheduling this month's office off site lunches, she is the go to girl for any and all things related to social media.


Office assistant
Nasima is woman behind the office madness. She shows up once everyone is gone for the day, and helps keep the office from becoming a complete and total disaster.